Nonnendamm Circle
(Charlottenburg-Nord, Berlin, Germany)

Along Nonnendamm, at the western end of the small island, one can see in the distance, along the north side of the adjoining canal, the rusted remnants of an old iron bridge. This derelict bridge was part of a former, yet now defunct rail line. And the tiny island, which can be traversed on foot in about 20 minutes, contains only one lone multi-story industrial factory building, along with a small collection of "Schrebergarten" allotment cottages and gardens.

Upon leaving the island, the first narrow street encountered leads eastwards towards the larger nearby street Tegeler Weg; this is a good route to take, in order to view a unique 2-level, now abandoned, former autobahn bus station. The covered ground-floor landing—in front of the orange-colored facade of the bus station entranceway—is well-kept and in good order. Oftentimes here, one can witness impromptu sidewalk concerts performed by a local musician from the area. Unfortunately on all occasions, when approached by onlookers, the musician is known to immediately stop performing, quickly pack up his equipment and abandon his post. All attempts to engage the street musician with conversation and questions usually end in failure.

Discussing this issue recently with a city park worker (whose weekly efforts help keep this landing clean and in proper order), it was thought that the musician favored this spot as a location to practice in solitude, away from the multitudes of passersby found in other sections of the city. In relation to this theory, there has been no word from any local sources on whether the man has performed here since the past, once active times of the former bus station, or whether he more recently started playing here, solely since the station's closure and abandonment.